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Welp, I finally decided to make a website for longer effortposts, and also an archive to summarize some of the posts and conversations I have written / engaged with across the internet. Since I like keeping things simple, this site shall always remain presented as plain text and basic HTML markups. I have restarted my site with a new mission in mind.

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Log of updates to this site


My main focus is to write books about what I have learned throughout my life, in the hopes that anyone else can find some value in those experiences. Current project: The Retarded Ideology, in which I detail my theory of history, with a focus on the question of political insanity, intelligence, and knowledge as an explanation of why human society became what it is, and how it will continue to transform. This follows from an earlier project of mine, in which I attempted to explain to readers the rise of eugenics, but I realized that I had to start with the heart of the matter rather than introduce it after many pages of explanation. Titles of later books are tentative, particularly the final two which concern topics further ahead of what I originally set out to write.

Book 1 - My Method
Book 2 - Mechanisms of Economic Actors in Nature and Society
Book 3 - Origin of the Philosophical State (under construction)
Book 4 - History and Future of Modes of Production
Book 5 - The Rise of the Technocratic Polity
Book 6 - Eugenics: The Highest Stage of Managerialism
Book 7 - Scientific Despotism and Its Malcontents
Book 8 - The Final and Eternal Acts of the Residuum

Writing Posts

Collection of written posts, essays, snippets I considered interesting enough to put down in text format. Presented in order of posting. I may record audio versions of these but they were written with reading in mind.
Fragment on Sexual Urges
The Work Ethic is the Pinnacle of Slave Morality
On Consciousness
On Responsibility and Particular Verbiage of Modernity
The Transgender Horseshit
Why I Nuked This Site
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Crisis of the 21st Century

I started a project to describe what I have called the Crisis of the 21st Century - or, the state of permanent crisis that has been engineered. Currently abandoned, and may restart when I feel I can present a stronger narrative. I will rewrite the episodes as a historical narrative. The focus is on America from 1970 onward, with specific focus on the period starting in 2008 and currently ongoing, and then the worldwide events starting in 2020.

The Meaning and Practice of Socialism

I would like to create a series for readers and listeners to introduce them to the socialist idea, from the perspective of someone who is detached from the ideological narratives that have usually dominate these discussions, and who is disconnected from the Academic and liberal tradition regarding this. In short, my interest is in describing what socialism truly entailed, to eliminate much of the confusion that has dominated discussions regarding it. This is by no means an exhaustive introduction, and I invite the reader to investigate the original material and history of socialism as it has been written. It is written from the perspective of me and those like me, who have been largely left out of political relevance. I write it for us, because whether we like it or not, we are dragged into these political struggles, and in this time it is impossible to avoid it. Also of interest is an explanation of political economy as a concept, and the origins of liberal thought. I do not know when I will start, and new episodes will appear when they're ready. I will avoid too many mentions of eugenics and my particular project, since this is intended for a general audience and should be neutral in its description, so that it is accessible to all participants, even those who disagree with me.

Archive of Forum, Chat, and Social Media posts

I want to archive discussions I have joined in forum posts that I consider of useful value, in response to certain questions. Original posts will be reprinted, and all responses will be what I wrote on the other medium. All commentary is intended to explain the original thread's purpose. I will redact information from others' posts that might be sensitive.

Library of works from other authors

A collection of works from various other authors, for the readers' reference if they are to be cited.
I would like to point to the Marxists Internet Archive for a vast repository of writings relating to the epic beard man, which also contains within some of the other relevant political economy and philosophy texts that are reproduced here.
Political Economy and Political Theory
The Republic, Plato
An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith
An Essay on the Principle of Population, Thomas Malthus
On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures, Charles Babbage
The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx
A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, Karl Marx
The Theory of Political Economy, W. Stanley Jevons
Capital vol. 1, Karl Marx (courtesy of Marxists Internet Archive)
Capital vol. 2, Karl Marx (courtesy of Marxists Internet Archive)
Capital vol. 3, Karl Marx (courtesy of Marxists Internet Archive)
The Critique of the Gotha Program, Karl Marx (hosted at Marxists Internet Archive)
Archive of Fabian Tactics, various authors (external link)
Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, Vladimir Lenin
The Ruling Class, Gaetano Mosca
The Restoration of Capitalism, W.B. Bland (external link)
Biology and Technology
I would like to point to as a resource for all things related to Francis Galton, including his writings on eugenics. Reading them is important to understand why Eugenics did what it did historically.
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, Charles Darwin
Principles of Secondary Education, Alexander Inglis
The Principles of Scientific Management, F.W. Taylor
Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann