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The Retarded Ideology

Book 2: Mechanisms of Economic Actors in Nature and Society

We regard society as the ensemble and union of men engaged in useful work. We can conceive of no other kind of society.

Society has two enemies which it fears and detests equally: anarchy and despotism.

The constitution is the only restriction which the thought of the political writer has to respect. Against and outside the constitution there can be no useful work; within the limits it prescribes the most complete liberty can do no harm. This liberty is the property of the writer, just as the constitution itself is the property of the nation and the Government.

Men engaged in industry, whose association forms the true society, have only one need: liberty. Liberty for them is to be unrestricted in productive work, to be allowed free enjoyment of what they produce.

- Henri de Saint-Simon, Declaration of Principles, L'Industrie (1818)

Chapter 1 Introduction Audiobook
Chapter 2 An Information World Audiobook
Chapter 3 Value and the Knowing Agent Audiobook
Chapter 4 Society and the Rational Agent Audiobook
Chapter 5 The Living Agent and its Native Interests Audiobook
Chapter 6 The Interest of Life Itself and Overriding Interest Audiobook
Chapter 7 The Eugenic Interest and the Proprietor Audiobook
Chapter 8 The Technological Interest and Science Audiobook
Chapter 9 The Spiritual Interest and Authority Audiobook
Chapter 10 The Occulted Interest, Privacy, Co-Existence, and Symbolic Language Audiobook
Chapter 11 On Natural History and the Validity of the Model Moving Forward Audiobook
Chapter 12 The Machinery of Spiritual, Temporal, and Personal Authority in Developing Societies Audiobook
Chapter 13 The Science of Daily Living and Production Audiobook
Chapter 14 The War Machine Audiobook
Chapter 15 Learning and Intelligence as a Machine Perpetuating in Society Audiobook
Chapter 16 The Full Development of Moral Sentiments and Spiritual Authority from Conditions Emergent In Life and in Light of Symbolic Language and the Fact of Society Audiobook
Chapter 17 On the Occulting of Society and Its Fullest Proliferation Audiobook
Chapter 18 The Economic Problem Audiobook
Chapter 19 The Ecological Claim Audiobook
Chapter 20 The Divison of Labor by Rank, Prestige, Favor, Sentiment, and Property Audiobook
Chapter 21 The Divison of Labor by Function Audiobook
Chapter 22 The Division of Knowledge to Create Classes and Institutions Audiobook
Chapter 23 The Division of Labor by Social Class Audiobook
Chapter 24 The Principles Governing the Division of Labor Audiobook
Chapter 25 Concluding Remarks on this Work Audiobook

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