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Why I Nuked This Site

So, you may have noticed my old podcasts and writings have disappeared. The reason is simple - I had an epiphany a few months back and realized that the approach I was using was not worthwhile and no longer interested me. The situation is much worse than I wanted to believe, and it has progressed beyond what I expected. It was my hope that there was enough resolve left to stall the advance of what has been coming, but the ugly truth is that there are a lot of people who want the world to go down its present path, and it involves more than simply eugenics and the ideology we have seen. Trying to present the argument as I did was missing the point of what would need to be accomplished, and while I understood this and wanted to build towards my useful findings in the planned fourth book, it was futile to present my argument as if the present course were an aberration. That is what necessitated me to rethink how I would write my work, and what I would hope to accomplish with it.

I have maintained for several years that if anything is going to change in this world, even at a small scale, it would have to abandon all past ideologies and much of the philosophical thought that has become standard in the past century. It is not a secret that the primary goal of the philosopher is to mystify and obscure things that were once common knowledge and accessible to our native senses and thought. The difficulty we face is that ideology has perpetuated for so long that it has become impossible to state too clearly what has happened, or the effects of an entire way of life and ethos. We are not permitted to speak too plainly about what this world is, and when someone comes close, the usual snide whispers and casual admission of its viciousness as normal will inevitably be the answer. I knew this going in, but I did not think of how such behavior really could be responded to. I figured that it would be self-evident to enough people to ignore that and do what we needed to do to have something. I underestimated the level of commitment of many in this world to create exactly what I have feared.

It must be made clear - eugenics has won. It won its crucial battles a long time ago, and was able to insinuate its world-view for long enough that it would not be possible to ever be rid of it, unless there were changes in the human condition that are difficult to describe in so short a time as I have. This, I knew when I started writing, and I was not so foolish to believe it would be different. I feared that what I was writing gave the impression that I believed some sort of revolution was possible, and this was in part because I was still enmeshed in the socialist idea and much of its phraseology. In many ways, the victory of eugenics was part of the rise of socialism, and the socialist idea had a eugenicist implication from its earliest modern appearance. I made reference to this in my podcast concerning Saint-Simon, but I didn't do a great job of explaining how the eugenicist mindset manifested from the start of the liberal revolutions, or what capitalism really meant. That is something I needed to correct, and so I decided to start over and rethink this approach.

What this means for this site is that I am re-opening it as a blog and podcast archive, while I work on my core writing. I will not release the book until I feel it is a sufficient contribution, but it will remain my chief work. That is what I wanted to do with my life, and by now it is clear that I cannot go back on what I started many years ago. It has been the first thing in my life that I felt was worth anything, and will probably be the only thing I do that amounts to any influence on the course of events. I do not expect much, as my only interest is in myself and those like me who have no reason whatsoever to go along with the present course of history. We are, for the time being, doomed and watching these events. The best we can do is protect ourselves. It is not possible for us to remain ignorant of what is pushed into our faces, as if the underclass could chant to themselves that nothing is ruined. That was what the neoliberal system tried to impress on us, to live as many lies as possible. We knew what it was as the lies were pushed onto us, but we had nothing else to hold onto.

There is a maladaptive tendency to tell us to "speak truth to power", but power does not care about the truth. Power laughs at truth, and creates its own truths that are entirely political. That is the only thing that ever really mattered, so far as we are concerned with the political. The truth will not set you free, nor will it lead to enlightenment or some great power. I can only hold on to my senses because I know reconciliation is impossible, and to have lived my life is to exist as the living dead. This has been clear to me since I was old enough to have any political sense. Whatever I do will always be tainted and invalid, even if what I say is plainly obvious. It is more because it comes from me, for much of what I write is actually common knowledge and can be verified by little historical research or simply looking at what this society does on a daily basis. The same information can be found in various publications from those attached to ruling institutions, but coming from them it will be a pronouncement of their victory, which they hold alone. So thorough is their desire for the thrill of domination that only they are allowed to speak of it. Every time we hide and retreat into a false reality they construct for us, there is a sinister grin on the face of the influencer, and they do not even hide their contempt for us.

What this means for the site moving forward is that I will be writing one-off posts, and some of these will be turned into audios for podcasting purposes. As you might know, I have been active on Twitter on some topics of current import. I like to barge in on the discourse grift, but I find it tiresome to repeat myself on the same topic. It would be better if I respond to all of these talking points in one spot, in an effort to clear up the mess in the discourse. I like calling the discourse grift what it is, and it is my hope to interject such that the influencers will have to switch narratives, or they double down and are only able to draw in the most craven and shameless. I am convinced that with or without my shitposting, this is happening. The narratives coming out since 2020 have been furiously attempting to deny that history has moved on. Most of this is to kick up enough dust to obscure the ongoing enclosure and elimination, mostly of people who have done their best to stay out of this discourse. I have maintained that the objective, which the propagandists have been building up in their narratives, has been to present to Americans a choice - sacrifice the weakest who have been targets of scapegoating in a mass ritual of shaming, or the enclosure and attacks on the working poor will continue. It is of course a false choice, and once the narrative constructs an illusion that the American people want this, the forces at work will not just continue attacking the working poor along with the underclass, but will redouble their efforts and accelerate everything. The next offer will be to recruit those of the working poor amenable to be executioners. These practices have already been utilized throughout the neoliberal period, but it is now necessary to abandon all pretenses of law. In California, this is already happening, with the governor's overreach and the CARE courts sweeping away the homeless. That is the model for the rest of the country, and then the world. We have seen more than a few aggressive acts of the governments, highly publicized with the intent that resolve will break and the governments can recruit the desperate to accelerate the carnage.

I don't have any good strategies to survive, and I'm not in a position to organize anything. I imagine the people of this country have been asking themselves what they are to do, if they are not able to reconcile with this as many will not be able to. It would be foolish for anyone to show their hand before they have to. It is clear that the appearance of legitimacy in the court of public opinion is waning, and more of the country is dropping out of this tired and pointless discourse. The entire technocratic setup is clearly opposed to the people at this point, and I have never seen more disgust with the institutions than I have this year. No one trusts these people any more, and none of the commoners should ever trust the intellectual leadership ever again. This is difficult, as an anti-intellectual current is propagated by the far Right, to jump in front and supply a ready-made new leadership pushing the eugenic creed to its limit. This element will, once in power, immediately reconcile with the liberals, who had always wanted what the Right was employed to push. The two factions will gloat as their joint operation against the people out of the know is made clear, and this will "unite the country" as they have so wanted. The goal is to stoke as much panic and fear as possible, to make true their religious belief that the common people are unthinking animals and philosophical zombies, who will be offered thought leaders to continue the cycle of rot that defines technocratic society. It would be great if everyone ignored those influencers, but they have successfully created enough of a chilling effect to dissuade resistance. I want to relentlessly mock these false narratives, in the hopes that laughing at this will be of some help and leave egg on the face of the shills. Anything that would damage the legitimacy of these institutions would be of great help.

I have seen lately calls from the left to rally around these institutions that have always been against the common people, and have openly sided against the common people in the most violent way possible. They wish to rescue the state school that had more to do with imposing this than any other single institution, or rescue militarized hospitals that imposed the rationing of medical care by strict class distinctions. (If you ask the left, of course, they mystify and tell you that there are no such class distinctions, just as they pretended the Soviet bureaucracy was a figment of the imagination and had no incentive distinct from the depoliticized people.) Most especially, there are defenses of a psychological cult that has inflicted immense damage, which strongly distinguishes the class of people selected to live in the world to come from those who are consigned to suffer and die. This blind faith in the supremacy of the institutions is curious, since these are capitalist institutions and never changed hands in any way. Of course, socialism as a movement has always been a grift, and the strategy of the intellectuals and scientists always was to enter the institutions and repurpose them for their own agenda. Once done, all the verbiage pertaining to revolution or labor was dropped, and the only remnant of it would be empty sops and parodies. The left has long rewritten the history of the labor movement, to emphasize the intervention of the intellectuals over the actions of the workers. The true history will tell that labor and the masses really were on their own, in a defensive fight where they found basically no support except what they could find with each other. The intellectuals would offer crumbs and sops and tell us that this was the grand victory, but it was no victory at all. The crumbs offered were only ever a means to an end, and the left dangled this idea that the institutions were somehow our friends, if only they were captured and repurposed towards the agenda of those intellectuals. The commoner at the time knew exactly what this was, and usually saw the radical intellectuals for what they were. The intellectual interference was never welcomed, and often had to be warded off just to make the actually existing socialist governments at all functional. It became clear that the intellectuals' primary function was to derail any possibility of the workers claiming the intellectuals' property, and this meant in the end disrupting and jumping in front of the most basic organization of the common people. An intellectual apparatus would substitute itself for "the working class", recruiting from the workers those who were amenable with the understanding that most of labor would be left behind. Nearly every technocratic institution was designed from the start as a tool to oppress and eliminate the part of the population that was no longer needed, whether the justification was eugenic or some political objective that made the surplus and unwilling population an obstacle. The left's deliberate inaction on this gross failure of their core philosophy has allowed their partners on the right to fill the vacuum, thus arranging the pincer attack against us they have long desired. In all of this, the gross and open failures of these institutions are so obvious to a commoner's thinking that it is nearly impossible not to speak of them without stilting all conversation to a morass of empty platitudes. We know the institutions are the primary problem, exacerbating much of the turmoil.

There is no real material reason why we are suffering at all. On paper, we produce enormous wealth as a society. It is not even a matter of distribution. Even after many cycles of expropriation and reduction of living standards, the common American has the means to survive and act independently to a considerable extent. If we didn't, we wouldn't have any computers which we can use to write, or means to travel. There is no material reason why we have to be treated like this. It has always been a deliberate choice to enable institutions to attack us, forcing us to spend our wealth to defend ourselves against their aggression. Simply withdrawing the aggression would save money, and the aggression itself is designed to do nothing but destroy. The reasons the interventions into our lives are maintained are always justified by a belief that the people must be policed, but the predatory of humanity are always protected and the innocent are always punished. Innocence itself is viewed as a sort of grievous sin, a sign of failure and stupidity that warrants aggressive intervention to correct their mindset, so that they will be useful for perpetuating venality and the usual rot. Time after time, basic solutions that should make sense to anyone who thinks for five minutes are rejected out of hand by the technocrats, or even attacked as retarded. Instead, every effort to "save" the schools and universities is nothing more than the favored classes forming a phalanx to reject the unworthies and keep us in our place. They aggressively encourage the failures because they know what side of the war they're on. Even the simplest suggestion, that should be a foregone conclusion if the institutions were any sort of service, is shot down, while every opportunity for graft and destruction of the underclass is pushed, at great expense. It has been deliberate policy to contract the economy, but more importantly suck up what wealth exists so these institutions can be fed. The money is then redistributed to people in the know. By now this redistribution is naked, creating a class of content creators who are basically paid through a neoliberal jobs program to stream on Twitch or run the political discourse circuit. They promote each other and ensure no one else can join the party, and they are amplified to create the impression that their limited class holds the only thought. Any expression from the commoners is suppressed by threatening them. If they work, they are threatened with termination if their political opinions speak of anything other than acceptable platitudes, even if their calls are for obvious things like rent relief. It has been the case that, in the mainstream, no one speaks an opinion about society unless they are paid by influencers to say the line. There are few exceptions, and those who go against this cannot go far. The chilling effect has meant that only small classes are capable of acting on their own. One are the few lumpen elements that have the knowledge and ability to articulate themselves, and have the time and computer access to distribute their thought. These people can simply be destroyed by pointing and laughing at them, invalidating everything they have to say and labelling it "retarded". The other are a small strata of independently wealthy people who have little reason to go along with any of the current narrative, or people whose position in the institutions is secure. Most people are beholden to immediate threats that will discipline their behavior and any ideas they express. A republic will appear to those outside of it like the most demonic tyranny, in which a circle of depraved death cultists police each other. This is the model that was perfected by social psychology.

I intend to continue writing about eugenics, but I do not believe it would be a struggle we could ever win. Precursors to eugenics exist throughout history, and it is unlikely eugenics will ever be truly eliminated. It is too politically useful to ever be abandoned, even though its central conceits are nonsensical and self-justifying. A full history of eugenics will have to be written by someone better than me, but all such histories are written by the eugenicist side or those who are only critical of the surface effects of eugenic law and practice. It is my belief that the very way intellectual production and education are pursued in this society made the eugenic ideology so attractive that all members of those institutions would be obligated to join, even if they were kept out of the inner circle and obviously denied meaningful success. It is less about self-interest, although the vast majority of the educated see their self-interest in making eugenism total. The real lure is that the Academic method of education itself has long held eugenics as an ideal, with full knowledge that it is a political myth rather than science. The structure of society produced by the cults of education suggests that an intellectual elite will control all information and assign to the lower classes their appropriate position. The obsession with managing people came to its logical conclusion in our time, and we are seeing the results of something that had been with humanity for centuries. Eugenics was just the manifestation of that belief that aligned best with the dominant scientific paradigm and the field of knowledge most relevant to studying human politics - humans are animals in a struggle for life, whether Malthus would be imported to the study of nature by Darwin or not. The only future I could see is if eugenics were displaced by a different ethos once its core purpose, depopulation, was no longer of interest to the groups that have the greatest interest in eugenics now. This likely means that it only ends when a scientific elite has liquidated the large numbers of people it has no use for and can't control for much, and establishes supremacy over the mercantile interests that aren't beholden to that scientific elite or clearly aligned with that project. I can only guess at how long that would take. I suspect the program of "stakeholder capitalism" being proposed will not last long, if any of it moves forward at all. The whole thing is little more than an attempt to smash and grab as much as possible during the collapse of free trade and the end of mass participation in the market as such. Certain people see an opportunity to claim a stake in the new slave system, thinking they will control the brain chips or whatever fancy new technology they envision in their AI-dominated tyrannical fantasies. All of this is foolishness, as the major actors know exactly what would be necessary to keep a new slavery intact, and it has little to do with some novel invention we do not yet possess. The progression of the current form of slavery is not a technological advance, but progress in social engineering that was only possible over time. Technological progress has been largely arrested, and even in the technologies useful for control, advance was laggard and haphazardly pursued, because those in charge of the coming system knew they were in no hurry to make this technology. The greater concern was ensuring that the degradation of the population in their material wealth, physical health, and intellectual capabilities would continue uninterrupted. Much of the technology coming out was possible 20 years ago, but the intent of such technology was clear to anyone with a functioning brain. Its propagation was only possible because a whole generation - the one I grew up in - was given over to the coming dictatorial program, and had been educated to accept it as inevitable. I am sad to say that what I figured about my generation was all too true, and the resolve of the older generations has been lacking to say the least. The losers of the older generations are dead or effectively removed from social participation beyond their meager retirement. The younger generation is hopelessly lost and has been habituated to sacrifice even more than my own.

This development was always going to take time, which meant 2020 was almost certainly marked well in advance as the time to initiate the current plan. It couldn't have been done in 2008, nor would it have been advantageous to do so. The powers that be had no serious concern of a disturbance during the 2010s, because they knew they could activate my generation and had either weeded out anyone who would fight back, or co-opted those of an intellectual bent to be fanatically loyal to the program. Their chief concern was ensuring that the Baby Boomer generation would be liquidated, and that the death rate could be accelerated as much as possible without altering the core structure of the institutions. Institutional rot and the appearance of malaise were necessary to carry out the current program, to establish in the minds of the younger generations an idea that nothing ever actually changes until the thought leaders declare it has moved. Had the current program been launched in full a decade early, it would have come at a time where disgusted ex-soldiers, youthful agitators, the elders who were still yet alive and knew they were being screwed, and a lot of angry petty capitalists, would all know what this was. At that critical period, there was not really anything stopping these people from coming together, and the ideological faith in capitalism had basically fallen apart. The lengths the regime went to so that the transformation to full eugenism didn't start then were drastic. It had been the passion of the true believers, who smelled blood then just as they did now and couldn't wait to drop the mask. It was necessary most of all to secure the loyalty of progressives who had up to this point wavering loyalty to the full eugenic program, only accepting it in parts and needing to be cajoled to do much. If the institutions that were essential to this project faced sudden collapse, it would have been too soon, and key elements of the fascist (eugenist) coalition could not take their positions in the coming society. Too many had passed through the filter and had yet to be weeded out. A project of social transformation started around 1980, which entailed mass drugging and adjusting the generation born afterwards to the new order. It has long been a eugenic rubric that the final judgement of a person is at the age of 40, and that the natural order would place anyone in their rightful place by then regardless of interventions. Usually, by the age of 30, those who were selected to survive were fully committed to their place in the program and had already blooded themselves by pushing down a weakling. By this time, the participants in the major "helping" institutions would be aware that their mission was one of destroying as quickly as possible the lower classes, locking them out of society in all ways possible. Anyone who was not on board would find themselves out of the loop, consigned to the lower grades of the class selected to survive - usually given sinecures or what amounts to a jobs program through the largesse of Amazon et al. Once established, the participants would want to utilize soft-kill strategies throughout the 2010s, always bragging that the commoners were pitiful wretches that can't fight back. Poornography stories would gloat about torture, sadism, starvation, and so on, with the usual Fabian and progressive screeching telling us to kill the weak as soon as possible, or else they will continue. As this is happening, the failures of my generation, who had made their presence known, had to be corralled so that they would be eating out of the hand of influencers, and those who were too troublesome would be attacked by all the institutions. This purge only affected the lowest class and the urban poor, and a marked distinction would be made between the poor who were fit for prison slavery and those who were to be tortured and killed in the psych ward. It was necessary in this decade to heighten the contrast between which classes would live, which traits were desirable in a highly predatory world, and to solidify the eugenist ethos. This meant that it was necessary to abolish even the vaguest remnants of a democratic idea or memory of what socialism would have pointed to, and its replacement with a totally alien ethos that was designed to fail. It was also necessary to strip away what little remained of the traditional institutions the conservatives ostensibly defended, and to strip away whatever sense of patriotism that existed in the peoples of the core countries. It was necessary especially to strip out the last vestiges of the old American concept of themselves, or at least make it so those references were of a past that no longer existed and could not exist. The coming decade would see the culture wars deployed first to accomplish these goals, then to push each faction in the culture wars to converge on a single world-system as the final solution - full eugenism. After 2020, this is the program we are seeing among all the influencers, who are by now conscious of where this is heading and have willfully oriented their narratives towards this particular goal above all others. It would be quite impossible for any reasonable adult to not see that this, or at least some sort of general purge of undesirables, is the only way the culture war can be resolved.

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