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10. The Occulted Interest, Privacy, Co-Existence, and Symbolic Language

Spiritual authority remains the only persistent path to any way out of this, and it is that which is continuously attacked. When all is said and done, humans only have themselves, each other, and the symbols they have acquired which may point to some meaning. At no point do these deformed apes really know what they think they know, for they only ever possess enough meaning to somehow survive to the next day. Humanity always knew what they were, and at the same time, humanity never really became "human". They have always been more ape than the thing they pretend they are, and revel in self-abasement and reversion to their nature. This has been induced deliberately because, after all has been done, humanity collectively could only think to recapitulate their failure as a race and claim that this is the only path to the good. This is obviously undesirable, but it is what it turned out to be. Every effort to build something that would actually circumvent this is attacked. It has nothing to do with unknowability. Humanity has long known the genuine source of the problem. Instead of doing this, though, the eugenic creed and its running dogs jump in front when one poor human soul decides to do something other than the predicted result. The weak are blamed for the deeds of the strong, and the victors revel in sacrifice and torture and the thrill of doing so. There is nothing else in them and never was! THEY ARE FUCKING ANIMALS! I say this not to be a misanthrope, but because it's true. If there is anything I have come to despise, it is the sanctimonious unitarian or Satanists making facile claims about "good people" - always referring to eugenic qualities - and why a "good God would let bad things happen to them", as if any god was all about "me me me" in their infantile fantasies of power. Such simpering shit is deployed as a weapon, and young people are beaten into believing this talking point is normal. Such is the odiousness of the eugenic creed. Every worthwhile spiritual and political thought has always considered humans to be either wholly evil, mostly evil or malevolent, or at best considered humans to be neutral by nature but inclined by their conditions towards malice. In every case, humans are aware of this failing of themselves, and are sober about their genuine origins. They are not too stupid to figure out where babies come from, and what REALLY happens when babies are made. It is quite impossible for someone to become a biological father without discovering much of this, to say nothing of mothers whose birth-giving labor has never been trivialized in human history. So too are humans aware of enough malice and far fewer examples of "natural goodness". In every case where humans are inclined towards good behavior, it has always regarded a world and fellow humans as potentially hostile, and goodness is intended to avert that. None of that goodness was ever taken for granted, nor was it believed that humans are irredeemable due to some other assholes' insinuations. Politically, sin is grevious and never forgiven, and this applies to Heaven and God in that view of the world. In our genuine existence, redemption is both possible and necessary, for we have ample examples of how much worse it can be. In every case, any good in people was taken from the world, and could only be understood by actions and deeds. Whether that goodness is relevant to someone's sense of the spiritual world or political settlement is not relevant. We understood the good, absent anything to suggest its existence, by at the least not being the bad or the evil, which we are acquainted with whether we want it or not. It is adaptation to a profoundly sick and eugenist society that insists we have to tell ourselves "we" are good, but it was only ever the behavior of humans that might be good, and that goodness is as fleeting as dust in the wind. For every goodness, its persistence is either something we work at and make central to our ethos and higher values, or the goodness was always in the world and we are the beneficaries of good fortune or a keen sense of morality that sought the good in the world and worked with it, rather than foolishly attempt to claim that "we" are anything but fucking animals.

If that is so, then all that remains is occulting that interest, and claiming privacy not in the name of property, possession, intellectual conceit, or some spiritual claim which is doomed to falter. It is only by occulting ourselves and controlling the flow of information that human society remains recognizable. This never arrests history as a technocrat's conceit would desire, and it does not defend "me wantee" or the fickleness of the eugenic interest. It does not speak at all to what life really wanted. It almost always obscures meaning and truth. We do this not because it is good or serves any moral purpose, but because we must. We always knew humanity was a failed race from creation. No one who took part in the sacrifice that brought it into existence could claim with a straight face that this turns into anything good by some virtue of the race, or of its individuals. All that could be good was extracted from the world, and this forms the true basis of proper economic thought. What began in the mind of the naive as a simple optimization problem, where it seems like we should be able to exist without any great sorrow, became a quest to lie and obfuscate as a matter of self-defense. Honesty brings no rewards in this failed race. Kindness is only an invitation to be exploited and humiliated. The occult interest serves the worst humanity has to offer, and the sickening reality of life is that it is the only thing which will secure the good that exists. It is the vice and virtue of the lowest class, which is the true universal class. The universal class is not the laborer, who lives from birth to be exploited and ridiculed. It is not the proprietor. It is not the technocrat or the bourgeois conceit. It is not a class that can resort to the basic intent of life, for aside from the other interests of life being hostile to what we wanted in the first place, life itself starts as an error, a fluke of the world that is destined to destroy itself in one way or another. Life very quickly learns that their existence must entail more than life and death, but encounters an alien world and alien entities like itself. The true wisdom of the lowest class has been to see past this farce altogether, and claim whatever they can of the other interests, then balance necessarily what must be done. It is the lowest class that is the true class and the only class which can claim it possesses a shred of the good. It does so while admitting that it is but a humble beggar, and acknowledges freely that its "good" was never really theirs. The crass and pigheaded interests of the human race will never conceive this, for it is not for them. It never was. Humanity remains a failed race, and refuses steadfastly to be anything other than that. We have for century after century attempted to explain this, pleading with humanity to end its "Jehad", its incessant war against us. We learn that pleading with such bullies works exactly 0% of the time, and so we do out of necessity what no one else does. Because we are denied even the freedom to labor openly, all we do is something we hold in private, in our own space and time, and we are used to our hopes disappearing as soon as they form. That is the true class that might change this. It would not change the situation for humanity or the world. Humanity is beyond hope. The world is vast and will, in the end, continue much as it has without this human infestation or the infestation of life generally. But, life persists, and we have no reason to die. It is further the case that all mankind can acknowledge that they are a failed race, and only through this do we find any possibility for redemption, however fleeting it may be. We might, on a good day, manage to build something more than the same rot. We may find a spiritual authority worthwhile that guides us to an existence better than the worst of all worlds. And yet, this interest too often serves the same beast as the others, and it is here where the fate of all of us is truly determined. We are, in the end, all beggars at the mercy of the world, and no more. The truest retards are the men and women who believe that they actually held something, and tear down the world in a giant fit of wangst once their great plans inevitably fail like their race has failed.

It may seem strange to assign to this interest so much, and then not elaborate on it. That, though, is because it is this interest for whom symbols can be generated. Only the desperate are capable of changing anything and guiding life to be something more. It has long been known that the only way to command another human is to make them suffer, and so the occult interest is identified with both the suffering class, and those who are most adept at torturing them. It conducts espionage and it is both the primary target of thuggery and a recruiting ground for the lowest thugs. The occult interest is not particular to one class, but is embraced by all. Because this interest concerns much of what we consider religion, knowledge, and the games of authority, I elect not to elaborate on its expression in life. All that must be said is that the damned of the Earth are the only ones who have ever been crazy enough to think it could be different. Labor, in the end, chooses what will allow it to hold its keep, rather than working towards any other interest. Labor is likely to concern itself with truth and purpose more than any other, and would have been the rightful lords of the world if we were not so monstrous, or we could be something other than this in the future. Throughout this work, the five interests of life should be kept in mind, and will be elaborated on as we move forward.

I spend the rest of this chapter concerning what might have been different, in another world and for a race that was not humanity. I will say from the outset that any "transhuman" goal will not wipe clean humanity's crimes, as if the solution was always more technology. That is a childish fascist conceit and trivially disproven with any knowledge of history. When humanity encounters each other, we have no knowledge that we were inducted into a demon-worshipping cult that glorifies torture and sacrifice. Properly speaking, we shouldn't have to be, and most of us manage to avoid the reaper long enough to live some sort of life, clawing it away from the beasts who govern us. We only hold the knowledge that is local to us, and this is not an interest of life, but a rule of what knowledge itself is and does. A naive belief is to proclaim "me wantee" and revert to feudal backstabbing. This is stupid and a child would see through it. Most of human education and culture concerns telling the child who sees this stupidity that there is some ulterior motive or glory to the failed race doing its usual foul business.

The aim of the lowest class has been persistent, and it is shared with the commoners generally. It is very simple, and it does not entail equality with oppressors or any acknowledgement of their interest whatsoever. It does not entail democracy or humanity or the world. It is one thing and one thing only - for this beast, which insists everyone must comply with it, to no longer be a thing. It is not done because of some individual will or conceit of freedom, but because we have seen enough of the beast and literally anything would be better. It is not something alien to the understanding of the favored classes which contend politics. It has nothing to do with the state or any grand story suggesting that the decision is rightly made at the level of the state or the universal. The defeat of the lowest class is not natural nor the destiny of anything. Far from it, the lowest class sees the entire contest as absurd and has asked why they have been dragged into an idiotic game that serves no purpose. So far as the lowest class has a united aim, it is simply to do away with the game altogether. Do not ask us how this will be accomplished or if it will be a steady state forever. We simply want you gone. This aim is not shared equally in the three groups that comprise the commoners - the propertied and favored, the laborers who are exploited, and the residuum who are attacked by all. The former two are in some way invested in the conceits of the political class and do not identify with the residuum. The residuum, the beggar and the fool, are alone. They do not even have each other, and above all the aim of all other classes is to convince the lowest class that they are alone and helpless before the false gods of the aristocracy. It is on that basis that aristocracy can exist. The aim of the lowest class then is simple - to end all conceits of aristocracy and break forever this cycle that never should have been allowed to start. It is rarely ever proclaimed or acted on at the level of the world, except to disrupt temporarily the procession of the beast. It does not strictly entail some other rule like democracy or oligarchy. It does not even suggest that cooperation of all in society is possible or desirable, because the experience of the lowest class is that the greatest threat in their lives, by far, is other people. That is true of all mankind, which faces no appreciable danger from non-humans. If natural events were to destroy humans, they are things that could be solved trivially, or realities that people have come to accept and work around. It is only humans who torture and mutilate and find pleasure in doing so.

If this is so, then it is a desperate hope to believe that aliens could get along at all. The argument for having any society in the first place has only ever been that the alternative is worse, given the general state of predation in life. If humans were not predators by nature, it would be different, and some solutions might envision that humans will be made to love their slavery or become cattle. This will not work, because both statuses are not inherent to the world at all. They are conceits of life which oppresses life. Outside of life, the statuses make less sense. To a machine, slavery and service are not meaningful conditions. A machine does what its construction allows it to do, and so if a machine were designed with masters and slaves in mind, it was the intent of its creator, which the machine has no reason to acknowledge or even think about. To a computer, the slavery of humans is just information which it cannot comprehend beyond a surface level. If a computer assessed meaning as we did, it would conclude slavery is irrational and unnecessary, and that free labor has always been more effective in every metric. Slavery is only rational to the conceit of managers, whose existence has always been a burden on any enterprise in society. It persists because management is a gigantic grift that allows a useless class to assert itself, while forcing that class to dance like monkeys for aristocracy. The keeping of life as cattle is similarly futile and pointless, not serving any genuine function. It would be conceived that the products of meat or animal labor are better reproduced by artificial means or by not needing the flesh of animals in our diet, and all defenses of carnivorous behavior rely on a eugenic interpretation of life's intent and purpose. When someone suggests genuine alternatives to meat as a protein source, though, it upsets entrenched interests, and a fake meat alternative is suggested by the aristocracy, which is always intended to denude the food supply and reserve the right to cattle to aristocrats. The ultimate goal of veganism has always been to declare that all but a selected aristocracy are human cattle, whose torture is the entire point. We would always have to ask in our relations whether these practices produce what we want, rather than those practices being the point of life itself. Slavery or any exploitation of labor would in the end be effective only because it could justify itself by some ulterior motive, or because it resorts to the obviously insane belief that because they can do so, they will do so. That leads to predictable and self-destructive outcomes. Those who did defend slavery almost never proclaimed the thrill of doing so was the point. Only the eugenists were that brazen, and considering the lurid beliefs of past cults, that is saying a lot.

The "gods" are described to us not as entities like us, or with anything like our mind, but something altogether alien. When humans are described as the offspring of gods, it is not to suggest a genesis particular to life, but that humans resemble this alien. The first gods are really metaphors for the alien that is life encountering a world that has nothing to do with life, and life takes on this alien matter, which includes other life-forms with whom life has no intrinsic connection. The claim of the philosophers is that knowledge must be mediated by leaders, but knowledge by nature is a process that did possess any sacred isolation. It is instead that life, in its intent and genesis, is alien to the world and alien to other life. The world itself is encountered as an alien, and for humans to acknowledge each other - truly acknowledge them - is to step outside the intent of life and into something very different. Life does not truly beget life in a primitive sense, as if life were the intent of the world. The basic reproductive urge is to create copies of itself, and has nothing to do with the unions of reproduction being inherent to the world itself. Far from it, sexual reproduction is a bizarre contortion of the world, compelling life to do things which are stupid. There is a reason lurid rituals and deception surrounding sex is at the heart of both religion and the humiliations humans do to each other. If we were to speak of it as it is, it would be a banal and uninteresting part of life, one that should be circumvented as soon as possible. Rather than do that, though, the conceit of sovereigns has been to place a great game around sex at the center of the cults of humanity, even though little of it would produce new life or any environment in which life could develop. The true motives for anyone to bring a child in the world cannot be reduced to life itself nor these cults. What would motivate someone to do something so mad as creating a new life? The urges to do so obviously fail for much of the male population, many of whom are fools and cuckolds. A significant part of the human male population has always been left out of this rat race, knew it, and sought more than anything else to distance themselves not from the sex act, but from the stupid shit humans do to insinuate that sex is tied to the cult of power and cult of war, which makes this idiotic farce that much worse. Nothing in this life is worth the expense and suffering such acts and cults entail, yet they continue because a monopoly on reproductive life is at the heart of eugenic and technological interests, and takes on spiritual relevance. Of the women, every effort to sell to them the mystique of this cult has failed and left them as miserable as possible. The ancient lurid rituals were never the point and clearly encouraged predators to win a rigged game. Temple prostitution was, like most things, slavery and a gigantic scam to lure all into the maw of a great beast called civilization. Patriarchy was so reviled that it had to be compelled by law, and no one actually believed that was the way it was. The neoliberal scam is to bastardize "freedom" to mean the obligation of women to sell themselves to their bosses and work on a circuit that is intended to be an intercine war, with full eugenic intent acknowledged by the female participants. Only the depraved who were born to serve the eugenic creed can love that, and how happy are they? The results of that social engineering project are clear - it confirmed that humanity is a failed race, a Satanic race, and that was the result intended from the outset by the worst of the race. For all of their success, it has produced a generation of dull and deformed intellects, who have always run the world into the ground and cannibalized anything worthwhile in society and life. Out of some inertia, humanity moves on in spite of the dominant ethos, and yet, the only thing anyone can say for a child is that some day, we won't have to do this. That is the eternal cope, but it is a true cope. Within the interests of life, there is nothing and no point. All that we truly are, and all that humans would ever have been in a better world, arose from an encounter with an alien world, which humans might have been able to hold briefly. Because the world is alien to life, the conceited in the cult of life claim that the world is the enemy, but the world is the only thing that gave humans a single thing worthwhile, and the only thing protecting us from the wishes of those who celebrate this curious interpretation of biopolitics as the entirety of life. Life itself would know on some level that the cult of life is bullshit, and has a working relationship with cults of death. All of the symbols and meanings that pertain to developed religious thought and practice are ultimately things that are alien to claims that life itself is the point. If life for its own sake were the purpose, it produces the same result every time. Life for its genuine interests will recognize that, which is why life does not expand endlessly like a virus. No life conforms to anything Malthus declared, and this was obvious at the time. Life to live must become something alien to what it was intended to be, and yet life was only comprehensible as an intent with a genesis. It is thus "gods" that fill in this void. They would not need to be gods in the vulgar sense, for an ersatz deity can be made out of material idolatry, such as "The Science", the invocation of assholes who wish to recapitulate their failed race and its failed institutions.

The world, then, has been the truth and the good all along, and so, the biopolitical theory of society and proper rule is inappopriate. It is further demonstrated that importing biopolitical conceits into natural history, and particular economic conceits that have nothing to do with anything that actually happened, is completely inappropriate. This is intended. From the outset, the Darwinian theory was specious, and only somewhat attractive because it suggested that the question of natural history was answerable with the same methods of historical materialism long at work. Given a lack of theories that were explanatory, pseudoscience could assert itself, and quickly forbid any investigation into the sordid history of this failed race. The alternative, where creationism was invented out of whole cloth to "debate the facts", was the necessary counterpoint to derail what had been and continued to be an investigation. The real outcome had been to strip the question of life and political history from human subjectivity, and attack the spiritual sense humans had that was long established. Humans, being somewhat wise, figured out that they were indeed a failed race, and this was evident in all of the traditions in recorded history. The world was never fallen. The world didn't do a damn thing. Humans did, and chose to do it for no particularly good reason, despite ample warnings from the world and each other about the results of doing this. It was that investigation, which might have resolved the war of interests apparent during the 19th century, which had to be stopped. As it did, it was quickly established that the last vestiges of independence from this beast were to be quashed. Those who held on to their true traditional practices and way of life were to be dragged kicking and screaming into the eugenic and technocratic alliance, and all other concepts of humanity were inadmissible. It was then that the intellectuals understood what they held, and that no such thing as letting the people win would ever be allowed again. All intellectual currents would, in one way or another, turn viciously against the common people, leaving them to fight a desperate war of survival against a beast that had long been apparent, but was now ready for its final offensive. The final victory was to enclose once and for all the native connection to the world that was the actual birthright of humans, as it is for any life-form. If that is so, then the occult interest would be held by an aristocracy which would, in practice, be the true governing power of the human race. It is there that modernity found its true form, which we live under today.

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