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All updates are listen in reverse chronological order, latest updates first.

2023.03.16 - Posted a new Eugene's Thoughts episode, the first in a series. Also, Twitter is back.

2023.02.12 - It's been a while. Posted something I wrote a while back and finally recorded. Book writing is continuing and that takes most of my time for this site and topic. Also, I got permanently banned on the now-unusable Twitter.

It does feel like the noose is tightening, so I do not know how much longer this site will remain up. If something does happen to me, you will know the reason why.

2022.11.06 - Added a rambling "essay". I'm not too happy with it but something was on my chest and I had to let it out.

2022.10.29 - The site is reborn. I have released three articles and six podcasts. I have established categories of content that I want to feature on the site in the future, which are seen on the main page.

I want to thank everyone who has engaged with me in good faith over the years, and those who have been good targets for my invective for sitting there and taking it. To those who thought they were going to get their jollies out of seeing me suffer - you will not win, and you've only ensured that I will continue through life purely to spite you. The only thing you have done is celebrate your own futile effort to suppress anything in the world that tells you "no". I finally want to thank all of the people out there who have had the good sense to not cause me more trouble, and who have largely stayed alive in spite of the predatory minority and the cajolers who insist on pushing people to believe in nonsensical ideology. Even if you find me annoying and even if we might disagree on virtually everything, I still believe most of humanity can sense something is horribly wrong with the ruling ideas.

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